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Sweet Potato & Pear Soup

Posted in Food with tags , , , on August 13, 2009 by jwshay

I actually followed a recipe for this one.  I’d give credit to who ever wrote the book but I can’t remember which one it came from.  Honestly though, its so simple and a bit shit, so I’m really doing someone a favour by not putting their name to it.  Start with onions and garlic, then throw in in sweet potato and a pear or two.  Boil in stock then blend.  My dinner comrade commented that the sweetness made it taste like canned soup.


Beer & Onion Soup with Wholegrain Pesto Bread

Posted in Food with tags , , , , , , on July 17, 2009 by jwshay

Beer & Onion Soup

Supplies were getting low when I made this.  If it wasn’t for a kindly stranger leaving beer in our fridge I would have been left void of inspiration and non-void of mundane dinner.  Fortunately, and unbeknownst to the beer samaritan (presumably, for who can truly speculate at his intentions), a challenge had been issued: there was beer in the fridge and dinner to be made.

The soup was made by caramelizing a bunch of onions with garlic & dried thyme thrown in towards the end.  Then, capitalizing on beer’s soupy properties, beer was poured in.  Stock was used to pretty much ensure it didn’t taste shit and finally it was boiled it to get rid of the alcohol.

I may have low balled the last step as the were mild after effects afterwards.

The bread was more akin to a scone masquerading in bread format.  However, not really knowing how to cook either, that didn’t really come as a surprise.  After making the dough I divided it into three and decided to get cute.  I bashed up some fresh basil leaves with olive oil and rubbed it over the dough as I twisted it all together.

It was an exceptionally hearty dish.  Perhaps too hearty, and upon reading up on beer soups afterwards I’ve concluded that cheap stranger beer is probably better when served up to cheap strangers.  I’ve put ‘Dark Lager’ on my shit-that-I-want-people-to-leave-at-my-house wish list and will hopefully be trying again soon.